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Inability to de-thread multiple party host requests:

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Inability to de-thread multiple party host requests:

I live in Portland where there are MANY other hosts. In the past, people looking stay with me have messaged me individually, however yesterday, a new member of the community CC'd me and about 15 other people in the area in a general "stay request". Now, because we can't de-thread replies from the original group, every time one of us replies to him, everybody gets the response, which is confusing some of the members, and creating needless emails for others.

In my response, I asked him to message me individually, that way people wouldn't get chained onto our individual conversation. The reason I replied to the big group one, is that since Warmshowers counts message replies, if I were to not respond, it would look like I wasn't responsive, and my % would drop on the profile counter (currently at 100% which I work hard to keep that way)

Could there be a way to reply to mass requests, but drop off all other participants than the one you actually want to reply to? (such as maybe an "x" option by their names at the reply box to drop them off of the replies).

Thanks in advance, and tailwinds!