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Vaccinations required in Germany...preferably Mainz

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Vaccinations required in Germany...preferably Mainz

Hi, i need my final vaccination boosters while on the road in Germany. Can anyone tell me a company that has this service? I am travelling through Mainz and Mannheim so if anyone has specific information that would be very appreciated. Many thanks, John

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Hi John,

I've got Your post. What kind of Vaccination do You need?

For finding a doctor You can call in Germany free: 116117. In Emergeny call 112.

Please speak German or SLOWLY.

Special vaccinations You can find in a pharmacy. There You need a special recipe (document) from a doctor. Pharmacies are open monday till saturday most 9:00-18:00. A few are open 24 h or all days. You can find their addresses at the door or windows of each pharmacy. Also You can ask people at the street.

I could call instead You. Please send informations about vaccination and phone number by pm.

Good ride Sebastian

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Hi Sebastian, Thanks so much

Hi Sebastian,
Thanks so much for your help!
I need Rabies, Hepatitis B and Tick borne Encephalitis.
I will be in Mainz on Monday morning and Mannheim on Tuesday morning/ early afternoon. If it isn't too much trouble for you to call you would be doing me a massive favour! Thank you

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clinic in Mainz

Hi John,

You told about abilities, but I don't know exactly, what You need to get. What is the name of medicaments?

I found this address in Mainz, the clinic of the University. There are doctors and pharmacy. See Yourself.

Maybe You have to pay for it. Do You have an insurance or deposit card?

Please tell me Your mobile phone number by pm, my one is in my profile.

Regards Sebastian

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contact in Uni Mainz

Please ask there:

[email protected]

Do You speak German?

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Uni Clinic in Mannheim

contact [email protected]

Joachim Kamrad

+49 621/383-1190

Günter Kirstahler

+49 621/383-3867

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