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Turkmenistan Dash - to Nukus

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Turkmenistan Dash - to Nukus

Hi everyone!

A friend and I are going through Turkmenistan on a transit visa, arriving in Turkmenbashi from the ferry across the Caspian Sea on 30th Oct (we hope!). We aim to reach Nukus in Uzbekistan along the northern route across Turkmenistan. That would be 750km in 5 days. Has anyone find this before? Is it actually possible?

I realise the more usual Dash route is through Mary further south from Iran, but we are Brits and have been denied the Iranian visa.

Also - are there any warmshowers hosts in Turkmenistan? A long shot but I might as well ask! Thanks very much for your help!


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Turkmenistan Dash


think so it`s impossible to ride the whole distance. Alternative there`s a ferry to Kazakhstan. Landscape is the same boring as in Turkmenistan.

Don`t forget the wind.

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