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BEST host in Billings

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BEST host in Billings

After touring from the west coast and getting close to Billings Montana I tried in vain to contact Ryan. Never seemed to get him via phone, and finally two days before getting to Billings emailed him.

Then, using my phone card (cell coverage was sparse) I managed to reach him.

Yes, he was home, and yes, he had room for us, even indoors.

Ryan was wonderful. Had refreshments for us, a seperate entrance, a large room to spread our thermarests out, and a nice clean shower facility. He drove us to a couple of camping supply places, and then took us to a pizza parlor where we sprung for dinner.

Ryan helped us find a vehicle to drive to Mt. Rushmore, and let us leave our bikes and stuff at his house, plus let us stay another night when we got back.

This last night he wasn't able to be there, but his girlfriend hosted us.

What a guy. Even entertained us with stories of his cross country ride.

Ryan rocks!