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Summer 2015 in States

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Summer 2015 in States

Hi fellows.

I`m a finnish guy who have cycled quite a lot in Europe. Now I`m looking for an advise how to use my summer vacation 2015 :) Some ~ 3500 miles (5000 kms) of great American roads would be fine, I think. Never rode a bike in States before, so any hint will be useful. Thanks.

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The weather factor

How you deal with heat and humidity will influence your route. I live in Louisiana and can say with some authority that the weather in the southern states can be brutal from May through October. You would also need to keep up with any tropical weather - hurricanes and tropic storms - during the summer. He haven't been hit for the past four years but that may change.

If you haven't already, check out the Adventure Cycling Website - - and their many routes covering much of the United States. You can take a southern or northern route, a route that crosses diagonally, a couple of north - south routes, and a few special routes in the western states.

Of course, you can always chart your own course. Whatever you decide to do I'm sure you will find this part of the continent interesting with a great deal of variation in the environment, elevation, and weather. Enjoy!


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Thank You, Mark. Weather is

Thank You, Mark. Weather is certainly one thing I`ve been thinking about. I just game back from southern Europe (Spain, Italy, Swizerland) and I haven`t actually had any time to plan my route, yet. Mayby I will focus to some northern states, but as I said, haven`t decided yet. Must look for that link. Could catch some good hints from it :)

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Hi Matti, In the northern

Hi Matti,
In the northern states you don't have to worry so much about the hurricanes and hot hot weather. I did the northern tier in 2012 and it was great. Not a lot of rain, and lovely landscape. Most people ride from West to East because of the wind but I did it from East to West.

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