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Bangladesh and Myanmar

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Bangladesh and Myanmar


have anybody information about bangladesh and myanmar!? it is saftey to travel and cycling route´s!?

thank you so much cheers alex

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Burma and Bangladesh

Hi Alex, I toured for 3 weeks in central Burma last year. It was about my favourite tour ever! There are great challenges as it remains highly regulated by the government. You cannot just stay in any town or ride anywhere you wish. The police or army will run you off. Fantastic people and sites you will only find there.

I returned to Burma this year for another great trip, and decided to go into Bangladesh thinking it would be just as great. I was so wrong! It was horrific in many ways. If would be a suicidal place to cycle. The highways are intensely crowded and dangerous. It may be the only place I ever wanted to leave early. The only redeeming event was a wonderful Warmshowers host in Dhaka.

I can give you a contact of an American mate who cycled more extensively in Burma if you wish.

Good Luck, Robert

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Hi Robert!
I was looking for some information about cycling in Myanmar and found your post. I am planning to cycle through Myanmar in the end of November-December pretty soon and I am looking for extended information about moving through the country especially the possibility of cycling from Mandalay to border crossing in Chiang Mai.
If you have actual information on that or any contact of a person who could help me with that- I will be very grateful.
And be safe with your travels.

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Cycling in Bangladesh

Highways in Bangladesh are really busy and we do not recommend to ride through the Highways. However, number of cyclist has increased rapidly in recent years (last 3 years in particular). There are number of cyclist groups in Bangladesh who can offer you safe and beautiful places to ride cycle. In Dhaka, the umbrella group is Bdcylist (find out: or in facebook) which is mainly a facebook group. The best place for cycling in Bangladesh in Sylhet region, where there are tea gardens, wetlands and small hills. I would recommend you to come Bangladesh and visit sylhet region avoiding highways.


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You may find these trip notes

You may find these trip notes from our ride in Myanmar a couple years ago helpful:
Great country for cycle touring.

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thank you so much for your answer =)

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Hi Olga, I have a few things to share, but would prefer to do this over [email protected]

I envy you, I won't get back until next year. Robert

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Crossing the border of Bangladesh-Myanmar. Possible?

Hello friends!
I was wondering if any one in this forum has any info for crossing the borders of Myanmar and Bangladesh.
I am planning to cross into Bangladesh from (near) Kolkata and go 'east' ...
I would like to continue east from Bangladesh... but... is it possible?
I would appreciate any info...

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Myanmar and Bangladesh

Hi, that's a tough border. To my knowledge, there is no legal crossing point between these countries. Myanmar has high levels of security against all of its borders, and especially China and Bangladesh. Your best bet is to cross into India, and then into Bangladesh.

Myanmar is a beautiful place to ride, but you will have to play by their rules. There are lots of great places where you are allowed to visit, but sometimes getting there by bicycle is forbidden. You will need to sort out the details.

Cheers, Rob

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