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CAIRO-LUXOR through Western Desert Route vs. Nile

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CAIRO-LUXOR through Western Desert Route vs. Nile

I'm thinking about doing the route from Cairo to Luxor, and I can't decide whether to take the western desert route or follow the Nile. Anyone knows about these routes and can recommend? How easy it is to get water/food in the desert road? Any experiences?
Also, any general recommendations about cycling in Egypt would be appreciated!

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CAIRO-LUXOR through Western Desert Route vs. Nile


the answer comes easy, no way to follow the Nil road, it is forbidden.
Well exactly you can do it, between 2 police or military cars, already very boring, and worst you would have to pay for all their costs, and bagshiches, a fortune indeed.

the answer is easy too, as the weel road is super beautiful. well i didnt do, but i read about it.

would you get a web site, i would like to follow you

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Western Desert Road vs. Nile


think so it`s not forbidden but definitely the hard way to ride Nile. You`ll escorted the whole way by police cars. On checkpoints you`ll have to wait for the next one.

Desert road is pretty easy. Every 70 - 100 km you`ll get a first-aid-station, sometimes with police. They`ll scared for you. Think so there`s no reason.

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egypt in dez

i have a flight to cairo 7.12 to visit my daughter..than want to buy a bicycle and go south towards luxor.....slowly on 40 km per day.if the police goes on bicycle aswell,ok, if not,i wanted to FOLLOW the nile on small,nearby roads.......
will THEY catch me???????
if you like to meet or travel together,write here.
there is allways a solution....... arne

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Desert road or Nile coast....Nile coast my friend!

I just stayed 4 mounth last winter in a village between Cairo and Luxor, near Malawi exactly. The road in the desert is quiet desert, and it is like a motorway, people driving very fast, and ablsolutely nothing to see...
The road on the Nile is not less dangerous, perhaps even more, but you ll cross loads of village, be able to have tea and orange juice every 30km if you would like, admire the farmers and their Donkeys, and meet so much more people!
If you want a contact near there, I could also give you a adresse!!Tell me if you are still in these area!
Enjoy your trip!

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hi i am actually in

hi i am actually in egypt
bought a china alu bike for 150 euro and went south.on cairo -asuan agriculorroad.more i go south,less trafic
wether is best for ciclyng,till 1700 when sun goes down..than really cold...5 degrees
food,drinks and everything everywehre availeble..and tremendous need for cookinstaff'
couchsurfing every 100 km ,i organized 1 month in i am 52 jears old,i do only 60km per day and sleep out in the villages .asking the farmers...very funny expierienc .because noboddy speaks english
the only problem....police want to follow me and bring me from hotel to hotel,but i escape them and hide behind trucks and tuktuks at checkpoints,witch you find every 20 km.
tryed also eastern desert road..nice for 1-2 days,but no kontakt with poeple...realr desert.
go egypt...its warm,people are very friendly and wellcome me,food is cheap even if i am invited very often,its flat....and its green for 1000 km
i enjoy a trip of a dream
questions? arne

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Best Cycling Route from Cairo to Luxor

Hi Arne
I am in Cairo with my bike, after cycling Israel, the WB and Jordan. I am also looking to cycle to Luxor and maybe Aswan.

When you said you tried the Eastern Desert, did you mean the Western Desert, or did you mean the Red Sea route (Cairo-Suez-Ain Sokhna-Zafarana-Ras Guareb-Hurghada-Safaga-Qena (on the Nile)-Luxor)? James Davis said one had to go first to Suez, as it was illegal to cycle Cairo-Ain Sokhna. See Is there water and food along the Red Sea coast?

Did you do a blog of your trip? If so, I would be very interested.

TIm Tower (65) Seattle WA USA

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