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Portland to San Fransisco return

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Portland to San Fransisco return

I am planning a cycling trip for next summer from Porland to San fransisco and return. What are the best roads ? Going it return I would have more option to travel differents area.

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San Francisco to Portland

Here is a route I did in 2010. I didn't create it, but it was very doable. We camped (Lake Berryessa was a weird empty place, no water, but we survived)

We took a ferry out of S.F.
Day Month Approx. destination Miles

Tuesday 29-Jun Lake Berryessa 44

Wednesday 30-Jun Colusa Landing 78

Thursday 1-Jul Red Bluff 80

Friday 2-Jul McArthur 95

Saturday 3-Jul Tionesta 78

Sunday 4-Jul Chiloquin 62

Monday 5-Jul Crescent Lake 68

Tuesday 6-Jul Eugene 71

Wednesday 7-Jul Champoeg 95

Thursday 8-Jul Home 25/50

North to South is 101 on the coast. Lots of people do it, but be careful, there are some dangerous sections with tons of traffic to consider.
Adventure cycling has created a Cascades route you could hook up to if you want to go inland.
Amtrak is a great resource if you want to just go one way.
Have fun.

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route info

Hi JoAnn ,
I saw your post about your trip in 2010 and was wondering if you could provide some additional details on it ? I am planning a trip this summer from SFO to Vancouver (Canada) and the segment I am particularly interested in is from Red Bluff , CA to Eugene, OR emphasizing on the part from Red Bluff to Tionesta (as this is the mountainous part)
Any recommendations about the roads, places to stay and such will be highly appreciated .

Thanks !


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