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Riding Around the World? Ride for the World!

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Riding Around the World? Ride for the World!

This is a call out to all adventure enthusiasts who are also passionate about protecting the astounding, amazing and absolutely incredible natural environments that the majority of us would enjoy said adventures in.

A few months ago, at the beginning of my first cycle tour I was fortunate enough to meet a person that was overflowing with passion for environmental protection and sustainability practices. He had just recently begun a non-profit, fundraising organisation by the name of Beardson, ( He has implemented many ways to raise funds, 100% of which go back into fostering sustainability programs amongst schools and communities around Australia and protecting our threatened forests. The main method that we are trying to promote is called the 'Winter Blanket Challenge' where guys grow beards and girls grow and braid their hair for 3 months over winter and fund-raise at the same time.

However the method that I think all my cycling friends will (hopefully) be interested in is the 'Wild Traveler.' This promotes anybody doing any sort of adventure, whether it be overseas or in your own country. Hiking, riding, sailing, swimming whatever. As your adventuring, you raise money and 'start the conversation about conservation' as you go.

Please check out our website, if you like the idea at the very least please share us on your social media. If you want to grow a beard/long hair over winter sign up for our winter blanket challenge or if you're really keen contact me here and we can talk about your next adventure!