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2015 Approved Budget for Foundation

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2015 Approved Budget for Foundation

** This budget was approved by the Board at the May 31, 2015 meeting **

In past years we haven't had a budget, but have rather just been happy that we had enough contributions to get by. Now that we are going to have paid (contract) work done, we need to be clear on what we expect both for goal setting and expectation setting.

We are all well aware that

  • We have never raised this much before
  • We will need to grow beyond this budget in coming years to meet our goals
  • If we are successful in our fundraising plans we will be able to expand beyond this level this year.
Item Amount
Hosting and related $5,000
Liability Insurance $1,400
General Drupal Development Contract Services $3,000
Drupal 7 Upgrade contract services $30,000
Android Development contract services $10,000
Executive Director $25,000
Bank Service Charges $3,000
Bookkeeper/Accountant $2,000
Miscellaneous $1,000
Reserve Fund $10,000
Total $90,400