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Bonjour, Hi !

Deux de mes amies de filles et moi partons à la fin février en Arizona pour rouler environ 500 kms entre Phoenix et Tucson. Avez-vous des suggestions d'itinéraires à nous proposer ? Et quelle est la température la plus froide que nous risquons d'avoir, sachant que nous allons dormir en camping ?

Two of my girlfriends and I go to the end of February in Arizona to bike about 300 miles between Phoenix and Tucson. Have you route suggestions for us? And what is the coldest temperature that we may have, knowing that we will sleep in campgrounds ?

Merci à l'avance, many thanks in advance !!


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Hi there, While I'm a

Hi there,

While I'm a Canadian, and I haven't actually biked much in Arizona, I've visited many times and I'm familiar with where you are going. Since no-one else has responded, I'll try and provide some info. We were in Tucson and Phoenix in December of last year, and we did have a cold front come in in Tucson, and the temperature was below freezing at night, but I believe that is rare. During the day hiking in Tucson was beautiful, highs around 15 Celsius or so. I don't have any route suggestions -- that will be an open, desert route. Some suggestions of places to visit and stay:

1. Sedona is absolutely stunning, incredible hiking, mountain biking, and road biking. We stayed at a cabin in Dead Horse Ranch just outside Sedona ($50 a night). Sedona is higher in elevation than Tucson / Phoenix, and is cooler -- it rained on us there, and there is snow on the tops of some of the mountains. I know Sedona is not on your itinerary, but it is worth it if you can make it there. Totally, totally awesome.

2. In Tucson, make sure you go up the road to mount lemmon -- there are some campgrounds in the Santa Catalina mountains that may be open in February, or you may be able to wild camp. Sabino Canyon is worth a visit too, and a great ride (just outside Tucson). The Sonoran Desert Museum is fantastic, and the ride out there will be stunning. Be sure to catch the birds of prey photography program. While in Tucson, we opted to do air BnB because it was fairly inexpensive, and we got an apartment right in town.

You may have already decided your route, but to go to Arizona and not see the Grand Canyon is... well... a shame, to say the least. You could bike the rim of the canyon, and do some hiking there -- we hiked to the bottom of the Canyon and camped down there, and it was the highlight of our trip to Arizona. The canyon is stupendous. I don't know about getting your bikes to the canyon though.

Hope that helps! You are going to love Arizona!!


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