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De la France à L'Allemagne (France to Germany)

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De la France à L'Allemagne (France to Germany)

Bonjour! Auriez-vous des routes à conseiller pour traverser la France et me rendre en Allemagne? J'aimerais voir des beaux paysages (fermes, champs, lacs, rivières, forêts, villages, etc) et ne pas m'aventurer dans des côtes trop inclinée! Y a-t-il un site internet ou un livre qui inclu le réseau des voies vertes de la France? Y a-t-il un moment de l'année préférable côté température? J'aimerais bien visiter des musées en cours de route ou des bâtiments historiques..Des conseils?

J'aimerais me rendre dans la région de Vosges et partir de Midi-Pyrénées.


Hi! I wish to start from Midi-Pyrénées and head to Vosges region. Do you have any roads to suggests? I wish to see nice landscape (lakes, farms, forests, villages, fields, etc) but I don't really want to climb very steep and long hills! I also want to see historical buildings or to visit museums on my way. Any suggestion?
Are there any websites or books about the pathway of France? Is there a better time of the year to travel inside France?

Thank you!

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La France

Bonjour Rachel,
j'ai fais La Loire à velo en octobre en 2014, ce parfait pour toi, je crois.. il y a
la nature, et plus que 300 chateaus la, petites et quelques qui te fais abassoudir...

if you go east you´ll mainly have a backwind, and no big climbs till you reach les Vosges et la foret noir en Allemange . Either you take a train uphill or after a few days of cycling flat you may apprechiate a change like i do .
how far do you want to go into Germany? you can go all the way Eurovelo 6 eastbound to the black sea...

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I don't know yet how far I

I don't know yet how far I wish to go into Germany, I might stop near Netherlands, I will check out La Loire, la foret noir and the black sea! looks quite interesting.

I like backwinds ! I wouldn't mind a couple of hills, you're right; only flat ground gets boring!

Thanks for your info about the castles! looks lovely!

WS Member WS Member's picture hilly bits but so lovely.. lake constance in english is Bondensee in German

a bit further north in Germany you find the town of Donaueschingen (high in the black forest/foret noir) where you can hop on the really nice cycle path along the river Danube/ Donau... can´t find a link in english or french but signs are everywhere once you are in Donaueschingen and you can´t go wrong :-)

you will have fun either way

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Wow! Thanks a lot! I'll go

Wow! Thanks a lot! I'll go check your websites!

I'll try to learn a bit of German to get through the maps without being to confuses then ;-) I actually found an english map about cycling in Germany!

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france + belgium

When you like culture, I would make a theme of Catharism in the pyrenees. It’s history from the dark middle ages. A lot of myths, castles (montsegur) and intriges. It’s really interesting.

Then you can ride the canal du midi to the meditarenean see. When you follow the coast you pass the Camargue, that’s magnificent!

Going north trough “the provence”, my favourite region in France. A lot of culture and really nice places (gordes, Roussillon, gorges de la nesque. All extremely beautifull.

From there you can move up north to the Vosges. You really must take the “route des crètes”. Therefore you need to climb the grand ballon, but it’s worth. I would sujest to do this in summer because the Vosges is called the toilet of france. It rains a lot.

From there you can move up to black forest. Lake Konstanz is great, I like feltberg a lot. In black forest you have to be prepared to steep hills. Riding the donau is also perfect.

I can write pages … If you have questions, just shoot them. Si c’est plus facile pour vous en francais, vous pouvez les poser en francais aussi.

And when you decide to come to Belgium (you must when you have the time), you’re welcome. We can host you if you like. I can guide you to historical cities ghent, bruges, Antwerp, Brussels, war-historie, … And it’s a nice country to ride bike.

Have fun!

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