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Morocco across the atlas Mountains

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Morocco across the atlas Mountains

Myself and two friends are planning a trip from Imilchil across the high Atlas to Ouikmeden/Imil (10 days cycling) end of May 2015 and could do with a little advice on the route section from Agouti to Tighza.
Currently we are looking at going across to Ichbbakene (Day 6) through Ajit Alla/Toufghine and then on to Tamrit (day 7 on the R307) and across to Tighza (Day 8).
Does anyone know this area and the roads/tracks if it is possible to ride this way between these places on Mountain bikes (MTB/VTT) and if it is possible to get accommodation in or near these places as currently I'm finding it hard to find anywhere to stay in this area and am thinking we will have to hope we can just turn up and find a homestay/hostel on roue or take and detour via Demnat and carry bivvy bags and food for the more remote area's.

Any help and advice will be much appreciated.