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Vancouver - San Diego: Mid March - May

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Vancouver - San Diego: Mid March - May


From the middle of March we are embarking on a 10 week trip from Vancouver to San Diego (and then back up to LA). This will be our first cycle tour (and first ride of any real length!). We already have the ACA maps for the whole route and have dug around this website a fair bit but would be grateful for any insider knowledge on the following:

1. We’re wanting to buy bikes in Vancouver and are happy to spend the money on (mid-range) new ones (so we’re hopefully with as few problems as possible on the ride!). If anyone in the Vancouver area knows any good bike shops/ websites for us to either visit when we land or to order in the next few weeks so they’re ready when we get there, it would be much appreciated. We have found a few online but it is obviously beneficial to have insider knowledge! 

1.b. nice/ cheap hostels in Vancouver for when we land?

2. Any tips on tents good for 2 people + stuff and the various climates we’ll be encountering (cold to warm and wet to dry..) and hopefully English weather in the years to come!

3. If there is anywhere in particular to avoid (towns/ campsites/ bits of road etc!) or anywhere we should make sure we do visit/ pass through/ detour to! (for now, Yosemite is on the cards)

4. We would love to take a detour to Portland, probably down Columbia River Highway and then back up Highway 26 (looked into the possibility of bussing it back but not sure we’ll be able to take all our bags!) Any thoughts?

5. Any extra tips for two people who’ve never done a trip like this before!

Thanks in advance,

Rhiain + Jonny

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The Pacific Coast is a wonderful place to tour; everyday is wonderful! It is well traveled and you will most likely meet others cycling the route who can give you company and route info.

For your first trip, I would say do low mileage the first 2 days to help you build a rythym.

When you pass through Long Beach, CA, drop me a line!


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Pacific coast

we arrive Vancouver in late March and will travel south. we are so looking forward to it.

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