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Riding out of CDG (Paris) or HND (Tokyo) airports

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Riding out of CDG (Paris) or HND (Tokyo) airports

Hi all.
I just realise that some of you could be interrested in a way to cycle out of CDG (Paris) airport, from terminal to Regular roads or street.
I've been working there for 20 years and I remember I found few lost foreign cyclists when cycling there.
As I'm cycling to work now in HND airport in Tokyo, I can do it too, even if it's much more easy.

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...uhm, am I missing

...uhm, am I missing something here?
Yes, I am sure many people would be interested in tthat (including me, although I think I found a way with the help of openandromaps). Do you have a gpx track or description posted somewhere already?

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GPX track


I didn't get notice for your post?!

I can record a GPX track and upload it somewhere, for Tokyo HND airport. I can make a customizedParis CDG (not living there anymore).
Are you interrested?


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