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Include more hospex databases for the Warmshowers App

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Include more hospex databases for the Warmshowers App

Dear members of Warmshowers and other non-profit hospitality exchange services,

I can code Java and SQL and would like to learn develloping an App. Warmshowers App is the best hospitality exchange App now and was very helpful during my travel. Even the big couchsurfing does not have a good map search function.

Ok. I am very inspired by a healthy non-profit motivation for running hospitality exchange services. The way Couchsurfing went appears unethical to me. The idea to make money on hospex is faulty.

Horizon App is considered to connect many hospitality exchange services. BUT, this thing is for-profit.

What am I thinking about now? Warmshowers App is the only non-profit hospex App on the market now. But, Warmshowers is not the only non-profit hospex service. So! I suggest to include the databases of other non-profit hospex services into Warmshowers App. It is a Win-Win for everybody. Cyclists from Warmshowers get more hosts to easily access from the App using smartphones. Hosts from other hospex services get more guests and more choice.

Who are the other hospex databases?, and so on.

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Include more hospex databases for the Warmshowers App

Hello Yepkio,
I am writing with an opinion contrary to yours.

I have (successfully) used Warmshowers to find hosts while cycle-touring in Europe. I have hosted cycles-tourists in the US.

I have met a couple of "couch-surfer" guests. I was grateful I was not asked to host them.

I am happy to host a fellow cycle-tourist. I feel much less safe hosting a couch-surfer.
I am happy to have the warmshowers list continue to limit itself to cycle-tourers. I feel a basic bond with those who, like me, are willing to expend their own sweat to get themselves from "point a" to "point b". I have hitch-hiked. That is very different from cycle-touring.

My $0.02 worth,

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Don't, don't, don't include

Don't, don't, don't include more Hospex

I totally agree with everything Gerhardt says. I have joined WS to mix with like minded people. In my opinion touring cyclists generally have the same ethos and outlook in life and share a common bond.

Am I being selfish?


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Not selfish, David. Warm Showers was set up by cycle tourists for cycle tourists. Keeping it pure to it's origins is probably a good thing.

Ken Francis
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posts like those above , with the exception of the 1st, make me scream for a "like button" option, here at WS .

and boy, that mandatory " subject" filed is intensely irritating when it leads to broken sentences et all. From now on, my "subject" will be "*" when i post a reply.

Have a nice day !

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