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Mongolia mountain biking discussion

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Mongolia mountain biking discussion

Hi there cycle tourers and day trippers alike!

I am heading to Mongolia for a 12 month assignment and am wanting to take my trusty, much loved (not overly expensive like a carbon frame or anything) set up for cycle touring with new cluster, chain and derailleur, new tyres ( I didnt do this specifically for Mongolia as I didnt now about the position before!)and my camping gear....
I arrive early June and wont probably get to cycle for a few weeks until I settle in and get a routine.... thinking of the weather.... I love riding single track and have done a couple of day trips in France and loved it and a couple of 3-4 day cycle tours around SW Western Australia... I love it and I only want to do more and more! (I guess most of you get that!)

Questions are
1) should I take my bike or is there a reliable bike shop in UB to buy one for purpose?
2) what is safety like in terms of theft on the street and in rural areas? I will have an apartment to keep it in...
3) Is the bike shop equipped with parts and a reliable service man/mechanic?
4) Are there good day trips from UB?
5) I have read it costs $$ to take your bike on the train... is this true? For weekend trips to the regional areas?
6) Is there a local mountain biking community?
7) Has anyone taken a bike there from Australia? How much does flying with a bike cost? Depends on airline I guess?

Any suggestions or advice will be much appreciated....

Thank you!! If anyone wants to come stay in UB look me up! I will activate soon!