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I'm a bike traveler. Why aren't hosts inviting me to stay with them?

If you're contacting hosts but it seems you're never getting an invitation to stay with them, take a look at your profile and think about improving your initial contact message. Do you have a clear profile picture? Does your profile describe you well and provide details about your bike trip? Do you have feedback? If you don't yet have feedback, it's critical to leave feedback when you do get an opportunity to stay with a host, and hopefully you'll build up your feedback quotient that way. In your initial contact, make sure to give details like how many people are traveling, their names, a bit about your trip or goal, and exactly when you plan to arrive (if possible). Let them know alternate means of contacting you (like your phone number).
Make sure you read the host's profile before contacting them, so you know that your contact is appropriate.
If you're contacting by phone, make sure to identify yourself clearly and give your username on Warmshowers so they can read your profile. It's a nice touch to ask them if they want to call you back after reading your profile and feedback.
If you're not getting replies from hosts, check the above, but it's probably not worth contacting hosts with a poor responsiveness rate, so make sure to look at that on their profile.