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Giro d'Italia 2015

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Giro d'Italia 2015

Hello Everybody

I'm Paulo Cesar, i'm in Europe studying a master title in Poitiers / Madrid / Lisbon, thanks to a Scholarship. My wife is with me along this great experience. Currently I'm training in order to do Madrid-Poitiers in late August and Poitiers-Madrid in late September

Next month, I want to go to Giro de Italia as an independent journalist (I have my blog and my forum about professional cycling, mainly focused in colombian cycling). I have already acreditatation press card (You can see below the confirmation mail). This work will be accepted as a professional stage for my master title.

Giro's First stage will be the next May the 9th in San Remo and finish three weeks later in Milano. I would like to find accomodation in order to be in the cities that are departure or arrival stage (or Both) and I'm going to write some of you. Hoppefully, I could find some people who want to go with me to the departure / arrivals and acclaim the riders. Because of this reason, I'll do this trip without my bike, i'm going to use public transport

This image shows the course, each stage's departure and arrival:

My plan is, as possible, find accomodation in some cities are at the same time departure and arrival. Initially, that's My plan:

*Nice/SanRemo: Presentation, Stage1.
*Genova: Stages 2-3 .
*La Spezia: Stages 4-5 .
*Fiuggi: Stage 7-8 .
*Benevento / San giorgio: Stage 9 .
*Forli: Stages 10-11-12 .
*Aprica/Tirano: stage 16-17 .
*Milano: stage 21 .

As you can see, the third week (Alps and dolomites) is hardly to plan with the map. Could I know your opinion mith this plan and how to improve?

That's my plan. If you want more information about me, my study, or about my work as a cycling blogger, or about my trip along Italy, please feel free to ask me

Kinds regards.

Paulo Cesar