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Western China: Taklamakan

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Western China: Taklamakan

Hi guys!
More or less in August I should be in Kashgar and then I'll keep on going East, but I don't know which way is better for crossing Taklamakan desert: North or South?
I would like to go South, but I don't know if it is doable by bike: it looks much more remote than the one in the North.
Is there anybody that did it? In late summer?

Thanks a lot!


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south is possible

Hello Davide,

The south route is definitely possible. Many people have cycled it. I think it is even fully paved now, but I am not 100% sure. Search the internet for blogs and route information. Or just go.

i have only cycled till Kargilik, where I turned of towards Tibet. This was in 2005. Already 10 years ago quite a lot of cyclists continued on the the southern route around the Taklamakan desert.


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Thanks a lot, I'll definitely go there.

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CHINA WeChat - weixin

Ciao Bello !

China great country for vélo ! and pretty safe ( but some theft like everywhere )

I would contact some chinese on WS and ask them .

Download WeChat ( weixin in chinese ), free apps very easy to use.
all chinese have it.

You will see, the Chinese are very hospitable.

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Good tip!

Thank you! I'll go for it ;)

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Golmud to Sichuan

I've heard there's a check point on G109, West from Golmud, and they don't let cyclers pass there, even if you want to turn East to get the S217.
Anybody has some news about it?

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