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Hand Me Down

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Hand Me Down

I am not sure if i have thoroughly read the T&C but i might want to use this forum to request? ask? query? for hand me down item. Have a bicycle you dont need anymore? Want to get rid of gear, equipment, parts? Anything related to cycling or bicycle. etc? Please let me know. I accept donation. I no longer have a functioning bike. Bicycle is the best thing i have ever loved second to my ex-girlfriend. I will go to your location to pick them up. *only applicable for Kota Kinabalu Sabah Malaysian Borneo.

I do not know how to put it to word. I dont want to make myself as if i am begging for stuff. I want it to be mutual in the spirit of material recycling. I have not been actively cycling since December 2014 because my one and only MTB is damaged beyond repair (FUBAR). I do have several low end bike (costing less than MYR200) which i lend to a friend for him and his group of friend to cycle from and to school. I fully foot the maintenance fee. I cant afford stuff but i wont say no to bicycle.

If this post violates WS T&C, please take it down or remove it. Please inform me. I dont want to abuse WS. I have been browsing WS forums and notice the negative comment regarding no show, non responsive, rude behaviour etc. I am making the effort to write this down and hope that the beacon for this area stay lit. I am one of three in Kota Kinabalu. I have never heard of the other two. I text and mail them, no reply either. I want to keep up to the WS spirit. Your mode of travel does not matter to me. I will assist you in the best i can.