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Which map for Sweden?

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Which map for Sweden?

Hi to all the cyclists that have ride in sweden :)
Does anyone has a map to recommend to me for this country? Because there are a few ones and I don't which one would be the best. We will be riding from Oslo to Copenhague (so almost all our journey will be in sweden) through the west coast. Any tips/things to do along the way is welcome too.

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Map of Sweden

In Sweden, just go to the nearest local Tourist Office or Information Desk and ask about free 1) local “Kommunkarta”, which is a detailed map of the county you happened to be in, and 2) “Kommunkarta”s of the neighbor counties , which the office also should have. 3)” Länskarta” – a map of the whole department (ett län = a department) which is a very good road map, also indicating objects of tourist interest.

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Ok thanks for the tip :)

Ok thanks for the tip :) Maybe we will buy these extras maps on thge road then. At the moment I think we are going to buy this one which seems to be the most adapted:

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