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Berlin to Amsterdam

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Berlin to Amsterdam

Hello everyone!
My friend and I are going to cycle from Berlin to Amsterdam July 1st, and are hoping to stop on the way in Hamburg, otherwise the R1 sounds like a good option.
I was wondering if anyone has any route suggestions? We plan to mostly camp on the way.

Thank you so much, really appreciate it!

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R1 is your best option if you don#t mind spending a little more time and are not averse to sections of rough track riding. You don't have to follow the way exactly and can taylor your own route a little. With the R1 you#ll skirt the North side of the Harz mountains without actually climbing into them and there are many lovely towns, villages and nature to be seen. A small detour to Quedlinburg is well worth the effort. I'm not sure how many campsites can be found along the way but the same would be true for the more northerly route. There'll be many possibilities to rough camp though. If it was my choice then R1 would be the way. But only you can decide!

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thanks so so much for taking

thanks so so much for taking the time to write this!

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