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Points of Interest

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Points of Interest

Hey everyone,

In France there are open bicycle workshops, where you can go to and repair the bike yourself, with aid from the people working or volunteering there. This made me think of points of interest, that would be nice to have on the WS maps aswell (maybe with the option to hide).

What do you think about this? Would that be a nice thing to add?


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Hi Kraemer,

yes i agree with that. I have been traveling to new places without any recce, so i just travel blind or referral from tourist guide brochure etc. The local might know the location of workshop etc but as inbound touring, we might never know when we have a bicycle breakdown. Its a good idea. I like this. Its rare to see tourism brochure that has that sort of information.

I have nothing to contribute. On one hand, it help local businesses as well to promote their locality through cycling tourism.


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