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Iran visa situation for Brits

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Iran visa situation for Brits

Was wondering if anyone had heard about the current visa situation for Iran for the British. I missed out by a couple of days last year when they changed the regs in March so that you could only apply for a authorisation code if you booked a tour or had a guide accompany you 24/7.

Just heard from another UK cyclist that he had been told that the Irish & Dutch embassies had told him a tour wasn't necessary for his visa application and another cyclist told me this morning that he met British cyclist in Taiwan who had just got a visa there. The usual Iranian tourist websites that I've checked are still stating that a visa for Brits is only available for those who book a tour so not sure if they just haven't been updated yet.

With thanks

Stani Velomad

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Unfortunately No. Since

Unfortunately No.
Since diplomatic relations between Iran and Great Britain were cut.
Issuance of visas for British are limited.
This is people who must pay for the government's bad policies.

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How did you get on?

Hi Stani

Did you manage to get an Iranian visa in the end. I'm British and we would love to visit Iran in the summer via Central Asia but we hear it's hard although have heard it's possible?!

Diplomatic relations are improving fast so any current info people have would be gratefully received! Agent names in particular!



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Hi Annie,

sorry as far I know there are no news.
You have to apply an organized tour from an agency. Then it`s possible to get a visa.
No chance to get an individual visa.

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