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Warmshowers: ACTION REQUIRED: Please sign in and update your account ([user:fullname])

Hi [user:fullname]

Every year, we delete accounts with at least 1 year of inactivity. We want to make sure that all the accounts on the site are always up-to-date so that members don't have the frustrating experience of trying to contact someone who has moved on and doesn't answer. You haven’t logged in since [user:last-login], so this April, <strong>your account is set to be deleted</strong>.

All you have to do is log in and we'll know you're still with us. You can just <a href="login-one-time]">click this link and that's it</a> or copy and paste the link below into your browser:


Please login and update your information. Your username is <em>[user:name]</em> and your registered email address is <em>[user:mail]</em>. Logging in gets you off this reminder list for another year - and if you log in annually you'll never get this note. If you want to delete your account now, click <a href="name]/cancel">here</a>.

Again, if you do not log in before April, your account will be deleted automatically.


<a href="login-one-time]">User one-time login</a>
Admin (view): <a href="url]">[user:url]</a>
Admin (delete): <a href="url]/cancel">[user:url]/cancel</a>