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We're glad you want to sign up for Warm Showers! In a minute we're going to have you enter all your information, and then we'll send you a validation email - you have to click a link in that email. But of course in these days of billions of spam filters, you might not get the email if you don't add us to your spam whitelist, and then your account will never be enabled. So....
  1. Please take a look at the Rules and remember to check them out whenever you are in doubt.
  2. When you sign up, please remember that it means you're planning to offer hospitality, at least someday. This is a reciprocal hospitality site. (If you are on tour or otherwise can't offer hospitality right now, you'll check the "not currently available" checkbox and then in the future you can uncheck it in your account.)
  3. Minors (people not of legal age) are not allowed to use the site, so please do not continue if you are a minor.
  4. Remember that we have a Frequently Asked Questions page, which may resolve problems if you have them, and remember to check it if you ever have trouble logging into the site.
  5. Are you concerned about who can see the information you put here? The website is constructed such that the information in your profile is not visible to the outside world; only members will be able to view it after they have logged in. And your email address is always hidden, even from other members.
  6. Your personal safety is also very important to us. Please read the the Personal Security page for more information on this subject.
  7. Our Privacy Policy reminds you that your member profile is visible only to other members and that only members can contact you.
  8. By signing up you agree to our Terms of Use which emphasize that you and you alone are responsible for every interaction with other Warmshowers members

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