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Volunteer Opportunities

We're always looking to broaden the small team of volunteers who keep running. Here are some current needs:

  • Board Members:  The Board is seeking new members for the 2018 term starting in January.  Specfic skills such as finance, IT, non-profit governance and more are always appreciated, however anyone that has time and is willing to take on committee work from a leadership perspective is welcome to fill out the volunteer form if you are able to assist.
  • Committee Members:  The Board is seeking committee members to assist with resouce development, website projects, trust and safety, and for the strategic plan (to name a few).  Please fill out the volunteer form if you are able to assist. 
  • Facilitation: The Board is seeking a professional facilitator to assist with a Strategic Planning and Risk Management Planning process that would occur in Oct-Dec of 2017.   Please fill out the volunteer form if you are able to assist.
  • Translators: If you want to translate to your language, and have plenty of time on your hands and are willing to maintain the translation on the long term, you may contact Cyril, the translation manager, for further instructions. Please first check if there is already a translation for your language! There are some requirements for translators, which are listed here. We are in particular looking for a Polish translator currently.
  • Language verifiers: we are looking for people who are willing to proofread the translations of Warmshowers. If there is a translation which is your mother tongue, and you are willing to spend a noticeable amount of time in helping us improve the translations, please contact Cyril, the translation manager.

To start the process of volunteering for any of these roles, please use the Contact Form.