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Starting June '24, Anywhere in western Europe (Compostella, Spain, Pyrennées, Balkans, Alps....)
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Hello ! 

I'm Xavier, 34 yo, and finally free from any job ! :D So I want to travel a bit by bike. I would like to start end of May, beginning of June, and initially I tought I would follow el camino to Compostella from South West of France, and then the Atlantic coast all the way to Sagres in Portugal.

 Other options : The Spain's part of the european divide, but it can be super technical and I don't want to go alone. Also I tought of doing a Transpyrenneans, Spanish side and then to Lisbon and Sagres (I found a nice route on Komoot, by Peter Baumeister, called "Road to lisbon"), but same here, don't awnt to do that alone. I'm also open to go the Balkans, the Alps, Austria, Germany... 

I wanted to end in Sagres because I know a surfhouse where I would like to stay a week or so and surf a bit. And maybe also stay a day or two here and there to surf along the atlantic coast. 

Also, in July-August I plan to go from Normandy to Britany and UK  the do "The old Chalway", then back to Normandy, and down to Auvergne. 

Let me know if you want to join ! 

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