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Authentic relating on tour - Germany and Poland

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Authentic relating on tour - Germany and Poland

We’re Marcin and Marta and in May, we’ll be cycling from Amsterdam to Poland (our homeland). We’re looking for good souls who may be able to host us. In exchange, if you’re keen, we’d like to share some Authentic Relating practices that have been changing our lives in the past year (more info in our bio or our Facebook page

Looking forward to seeing you :)


Here’s a screenshot of our route in Komoot, together with a link:



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asking before

Please ask hosts some day before. You can use the main page or the app. Good way

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Relationships with hosts

While what you wish to share might have been valuable to you, any  preaching  a "one size fits all" is not acceptable while engaging with a host. It has no place in WS. 

When offered a home to a traveler, the duty of the guest is to be awake to the moment. Maybe your host wants to talk, maybe not. If you enter homes with a predetermined chatter in your head, "I want to share something with my host." how will you be able to respond to what they might want: most seem happy sharing travel tales. Other times, they have possibly other  needs. Of the latter, one of my host was grieving the death of her partner of fifty years. While hoping to continue hosting on WS, she also needed a person to listen to her sorrows  and affirm the importance of the grieving process. Of most importance, she needed to reaffirm it was a safe community; previously, she had always hosted with her partner.

So, to restate my belief, if you now feel healthier, happier, more joyful, just be that on your travels. 

Yet,  if you have a desire to preach, go find a new group, website, which exists in the delusions of "I know what is best for you, and I need to convert you."

Happy trails, Peter