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We spend a few thousand dollars a year on the things that make this organization go, and appreciate your help with this. All work done on the site is by volunteers, as is your wonderful hospitality. Please click the button below to donate via paypal. It's free to you and easy for us. Contributions are tax-deductible for US taxpayers:

Make a one-time contribution...
or subscribe to make regular contributions. You can cancel at any time.

If you prefer you can send a check to, 848 Montclair Dr, Palisade, CO 81526, USA




In honor of the several incredible hosts with whom I stayed on my recent trip to Tassie, the incredible experiences (and the money I saved) I will send a check when I get back to the US. Warmshowers and the people that I met along the way made the trip, the memories and the experiences even better. I look forward to hosting travelers at my own home soon so that I can live vicariously through them, hearing their stories and planning my next adventures. Thank you!!!

Site Suggestions

I could not find any other way to contact you except thru the donation site. Could you make your email address more prominent? Also, in trying to attach a file to a former guest via your site, I clicked on "attach file" then "choose a file." I made my choice then clicked on "attach." It said I hadn't made a selection so I did it over again two more times without success. Is it pilot error or is there something wrong with the system?

Using your services as a host has enriched our lives tremendously. Still hope to become a guest - maybe this year.

Dave Cary

Now I can't find a "send" button.

"Contact us" link on the bottom of every page

Hi Dave, thanks!

At the bottom of every page is a "contact us" link - Feel free to contact us any time.

Thanks so much for your hospitality!

On the Donate page, (or currently the front page, when logged in) just click the "Donate" button.

I'll send you a message and attach a file to see what's going on. Please reply to my message there to continue to get support, as everybody doesn't need to see this.


One Time Donation?

I'd love to send a donation your way, but you only offer a monthly donation? We just want to thank you and give you a little cash. Do you offer that?

Yes! On the left!

Hello, Robert,

Thanks for asking! When you are on the donate page on the Website, there is a one-time donation option on the left and monthly donation option on the right. Here's the URL (assuming you're using a computer and not an app):

and I've sent a screen shot of the page to your email address.

Thank you for your generosity!

Thaks, All

Boy, I wish I'd known about this group when I was doing some solo bike tours. It looks great. I can't host now, but I'm looking forward to hosting some cyclists in the future.

I just found about WarmShowers today, joined up, and sent in a small (but hopefully helpful) donation. I was looking for alternatives to, which has really lost its way. Being a cyclist, WarmShowers looks even more interesting. Looking forward to meeting fellow cyclists.

Thanks to the volunteers for their great work.



wow, thats my kind of quick response !! thank you for the feedback. My wife and I are going to become #249 on the list of donors on a small monthly basis. I suspect that you will generate alot more interest in donating with a curious icon or symbol because most users are going to want to know " what the heck is that thing and what does it mean " How do I get one?? Carol and I are in process of using the site and its services again and wish to thank the silent but efficient group of computer people behind the scenes. We love the new site layout and links provided to set up a biking trip. Keep up the good work. marc


Is there a way to acknowledge a cash contributor via icon or symbol or something on their profile to let other hosts and users know of this action. maybe a dollar sign or happy face with explanation?? thanks marc

Worth considering

We've thought about acknowledging donors on the site before, but it's never made the list of "ought to spend time on" for our tiny volunteer community (2 developers who work on the site occasionally). But it still strike me as something that would be reasonable to do. But then you'd have to deal specifically with people who didn't want to be acknowledged, etc.

Just for perspective, to date we have about 248 people who have *ever* contributed to Warmshowers in its existence.


Thanks sending donation

I have not used Warm showers yet as a guest but have hosted a few times it has always interesting to meet bicycle tourists .


We love warm showers! We are sending in a donation today!

We used warm showers for the first time this past summer and truly enjoyed our hosts. We usually host travelers about 6 times per summer and have enjoyed all our guests! This past summer we hosted our first foreign (Swedish) visitor.

We didn't know about warm showers when we did our XC trip 8 years ago, but whenever we stayed at a church or firehall offering free lodging, we left them $5 if they had showers to cover purchase of supplies so we really like the idea someone had of donating $$ each time they stay with a warm showers host.

Being volunteers in several organizations, we know how much time it can take.

Karen and Brian
Rochester NY

We love Warmshower so...

Hello Warmshowers Volunteers !

Well done for what you do for this wonderfull community we love so much!
It is been 7 monthes now we are travelling and we had already 11 warmshower experiences, allways lovely people ! We still have a year cycling which is good, as the return when we will host cyclists in France, we dream about it very often!
We love Warmshower so much, that simply why we want help you!
Long life to the Warmshower site ! And thank you all !

Antoine and Elodie


We sure do appreciate nice words like these. Thanks so much!

-Randy and Mark and Chris

donation, why?

Hi All,

I've sent a donation because I think that it's correct to support our community to manage the website (very nice the new one) and the others expenses necessary to go-ahead!

One suggestion to the staff: is it so difficult to create a small series of gifts (eg: cup or t-shirt or labels) with our name (Warm Showers) and/or our message (Hospitality for touring cyclist worldwide)?

Faustino from Italy

if every member send only one dollar.....!


We sure appreciate your donation. And people have suggested t-shirts and stuff from time to time. But we're just 3 volunteers running this in our spare time. So we don't have a way to do that. However, when somebody decides they want to volunteer to get gifts made and handle the shipping and payment for them, we're open to it.


I'm going to make a donation every time I stay with someone.

Hey, I know this is a free service, and that's part of what I like about it. But I've decided I'm going to make a donation of $1 every time I stay with a Warmshowers host. I know, that's not much at all, but I think it would be cool if everyone did it.

In fact, I'd like there to be a way to make a donation in someone's name; the donation I made today was from me, but I feel I should make it in the name of the people I stayed with.

Moderators, what do you think?

Donation from (Haqi)

This week sending a paper check for $25U.S. to (Randy) to California, U.S. address this week (0103) -- from Lijiang, China. I'll also commit to making a $1+U.S. donation every time we stay with a host.

We'll be in Australia beginning 2 April, for six months.

New Zealand, beginning 2 September for three months.

Then: Chile, Bolivia, Peru and Ecuador.

Hope to meet some members along the way.

First, THANKS!

First of all, thanks for your donation. It really helps to keep things going.

I'm all in favor of your proposal, but also any strategy that anybody wants to use to participate is welcome.

So far this year we've received $304 in donations from the very generous members of the group. This really helps with our hosting costs.

Kevin, Chris, and I do all our work on a completely volunteer basis.

Again, thanks for your contribution and promotion of the cause.



I sent a check for $20. on Jan 2, 2011 and it hasn't been cashed, nor has the letter been returned. I hope it finds its way to your deserving coffers very soon!

Hi Sarisa - Thanks so much

Hi Sarisa - Thanks so much for your kind gift. I have been traveling for the last 3 weeks but will be home soon and deposit your check, and you'll get another thank-you then!

Thanks so much,