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Join me: Bike tour from Copenhagen - Zürich (in August - mid October)

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Join me: Bike tour from Copenhagen - Zürich (in August - mid October)

Hey everyone.

I'm about to embark on my first ever longer bike tour! I'll be following the Eurovelo 7 to some degree, starting in Copenhagen and biking through Germany, Prague, Austria (visiting Hallstat, stunning village) and then making my way to Zürich from there. 

I'm going to start the trip in early August 2020 and expect to finish my adventure in mid October. It's my first bike tour but I've backpacked quite a bit and love camping in the wild.

I was hoping to meet some fellow bike tourers here and perhaps join up with some of you for parts of the trip (or the full one!). I'm going to be camping wild but also staying at camp sites / and perhaps hostels some of the nights. Planning to do most of the cooking on my Trangia. 

I'm 28 year old male, from Copenhagen, Denmark. Working in marketing but I was lucky enough to get 3 months of work for this exicting adventure. Social, nice, happy guy and SUPER excited right now! I speak English fluently, some German. 

I won't be biking a crazy amount of km's (estimating around 50 km a day) so taking a slow tour  to soak up beautiful central Europe and the Alpes around Austria. 

Let me know if you're planning to be biking in the area around August/Sep/Oct and we should meet up!

Happy rides!



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