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Riding Patagonia Nov/Dec - Starting in Puerto Varas

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Riding Patagonia Nov/Dec - Starting in Puerto Varas

Dear fellow riders

I'll leave for my Patgonian adventure in a couple of days and would be thrilled to find some companions on the way...
Plan is to fly to Santiago, take the night bus to Puerto Varas, settel in some days, hop on the ferry from Puerto Montt to Chisnes and then start the travels southwards approx. arpound mid Nov. 
My plan would be to do the boarder crossing at Villa O'Higgins over to the Argentinian side around beginning of Dec and see how far I can get there...

About myself: I'm a 29 year old Swiss cyclist with some bike touring experiance in Cuba, Italy and Switzerland. Good people, stunning nature and enough food are the key to a good bikepacking trip :)

So any planless travellers who are in this region the next two to 3 month?
Happy to get connected :)

Greetings from Switzerland,

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