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Entering the Mexico border via Tecate/or Tijuana

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Entering the Mexico border via Tecate/or Tijuana

Hello biking community! Im currently in San Diego area, preparing to cross the border into Mexico. I am a bit nervous to do this alone and would like to join others who are going the same route!

Im flexible with timing, and also am hoping to cross in Tecate as it seems a bit less traffic, but open to crossing in Tiujana if that is where others are crossing too.

I can speak spanish, and love wild camping! please let me know if you would like to join me!

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Hey Kassia,

Tijuana is a little hectic (I'm not sure about Tecate), I would try to get out of there as soon as you can and maybe get to Rosarito that day you cross. I cycled the northern half of the baja peninsula in 2019 and could give you some ideas of maybe what to expect. I'm assuming you havent been to mexico before?

When are you trying to cross? I would be interested in joining but it would take me a couple weeks to get down there. I'm just finishing up my trip in Chiang mai Thailand and need a couple of days in my hometown in Oregon to get situated. Are you thinking of just mexico, or continuing south through the canal into south america, or just feeling things out first?


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Hi Kassia

Hi Kassia
My dog ​​and I crossed the border into Mexico on November 1st. The revolving door across the border was a daunting challenge for my solar bike, but I found it easy with a normal bike. If you are in the city, you can go camping at the fire station. If you are in vallage you can find the government in a small town, try to have a fire source in the wild, and you will hear the singing of Kayouli at night. My dog ​​and I have been going south along Baja California. Now we have arrived in Loreto.we are cycling around the Southern Hemisphere,Baja california scenery along the way It is very pristine and beautiful. There are very plants in the desert and the bay. Remember to bring more water. there are only two lanes on the road, make a warning in advance so that cars can see you in advance to ensure safety.

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Tijuana Landborder

Hello Kassia,
I am a very new member on this app. I am currently in Vegas. I will head down to San Diego in a few days. It will take up a week or a bit more to get there. I'll cycle through Mojave Dessert and Joshua Tree Park. If you are still in San Diego or already in Mexico, would be nice to hear from you.