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Qatar Airways

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Qatar Airways

For transporting your bicycle from Europe to South Korea, you will be charged as follows:

Section: Bulk rates
“Pre-purchase additional baggage in bulk and save
For journeys where baggage is charged based on weight, save up to 70% on standard rates when pre-purchasing in 5kg increments (up to 100kgs of additional baggage). All bulk rates are per additional kg (2.2lb).
Where baggage is charged per piece, save up to 20% on standard rates (a maximum of 5 additional pieces can be pre-purchased).

Traveling from Europe to Japan & Korea: $15”

Section: Sporting equipment

Flights to/from all other locations (i.e. Europe)
Weight Rate
Up to 10kg USD 150
10kg - 20kg USD 200
20kg - 30kg USD 200

How much should I pay for a bike weighing 21 kg?

Now look:

Aren’t you confused?

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Airlines are skimming off cyclist

I agree with you. Its not only Qatar Airways. I usually travel with my bike. My bike is stored in a cardboard box. The culprit is AirAsia, Malaysia Airlines and Maswing. They have this system of prepaid weight. Like MYR16 per kg. So for example, mine would be 20kg+ = MYR320. If i bought the prepaid, i need to ensure my total baggage need to be less than 20kg. I paid in advance for 20kg. Guess what? It seems like they love to round up to 22kg. There is no penalty. I just need to pay for the extra 2kg. Which is price different than the prepaid. MYR25 per kg. Do i need to travel with a weight machine???

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Bikes on planes

They're not skimming.
Airlines have been running very tight margins for years and we're now used to cheap flights. No more.
Do Not use the cheap flight apps.
If you pay a little extra and purchase the ticket from the airlines website you'll get more luggage allowance.
We've just flown australia to seoul and have 30kg each plus 7kg carry on.
Same earlier this year to Thailand with Malaysian airlines. They also allowed 25kg plus 7kg carry on.

But only if you book on their website.