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Pacific Coast & Sierra Mts. (Sept./Oct. 2024)
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I am recently retired and want to travel through parts of the country I have not spent much time in.  I am planning on riding a combination of Adventure Cycling’s Pacific Coast & Sierra Cascades routes from Washington State to (at least) Joshua Tree National Park, if not the Mexico border.  I will start from my home near Seattle and head south across the Columbia River out to the coast of Oregon. I plan to ride along the coast of Oregon & northern California as far as the ‘lost coast’ of California, where I’ll head inland towards Tahoe and the Sierra Mountains to avoid major metropolitan areas.  From there I’ll make my way down the Sierra Mountains to Joshua Tree National Park, and (maybe) the Mexico border.  I’ll end my ride in San Diego, where I can catch a flight home. I want to enjoy the ride and people I meet along the way, take photos, read informational placards, explore interesting offshoots, relax and enjoy a sunrise/sunset, etc.  I plan to ride about 60 miles a day, camping mostly, but perhaps getting a hotel every week or so to shower, do laundry, and  go to a restaurant.  I would like for whoever joins me to have both touring and camping experience, be fit enough and enthusiastic about climbing a LOT of hills, and be prepared for ANY weather conditions, as we may experience them all, including snow! 

If you’re interested in joining me, you can get in touch with me at [email protected]

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